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Chang Kongming continued: "Do you think the three major Gu Institutes don't want to get the Immortal Gu in Qishengqin? They want to, but they don't dare! Qishengqin should belong to my Changkong family! You have good strength, but you rely on mythical Gu , I guess you haven't even mastered a ninth-grade Gu technique, with this level of strength, you still can't run wild in the central region, and other Gu insects will not mention it, hand over the Qishengqin, and let you go." ... what is the best student loan to get for college

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Niu Ran said coldly: "Boy, it turns out that you are not Jueyang, but a Gu Immortal who has a Jueyang slave, and if you have a Jueyang slave, then you are not from Zhongyuzhou. This is the territory under the jurisdiction of the Marquis of Beigong. We You belong to the Han family, which family are you from?" ...

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Wu Gongfeng looked over, Lao Ji is indeed dead...

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Bei Gonghan's face changed drastically. At this moment, how could he not understand that the strongest person beside Bei Gonghen was not a Daoist who returned to life at all, but the Patriarch of Heishan who had always been notorious!

Another three Gu Immortals!

Chang Kongming couldn't help but shrink his pupils, and unnaturally took half a step back.

The body's defenses are deteriorating.

"What did it say?" Su Ran looked at the Illusory Immortal Gu curiously. This was the first time he saw a captured Gu worm and actively talked to the Illusory Immortal Gu.

——The eighth-grade Gu picked the enlightenment fruit, which triggered a battle between the lava man and the red black man.

Ouyang Qi became the Moon Master, of course.

After all, in the immortal battle nine thousand years ago, there were too many fallen ninth-grade Gu masters, and there were naturally many mythical Gu chrysalis scattered in the ruins. In addition to the mythical Gu libraries of the major forces, there is a chance to gather ten mythical Gu of the same kind. .

"Here, there are surveillance methods?"

The six Gu control people are not affected by blood reflux. .

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Su Ran then added: "We have dedicated Zhongyuzhou to the second son of Beigonghou, and now the entire Zhongyuzhou belongs to the second son." .

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