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【regions secured loan 】 Even if the Seventh Prince protects Brother Su and protects Brother Su from the emperor's accusation, there are other princes. " 。

Bei Gonghen's face was serious: "Besides, my father and I have also agreed that if your land area produces Gu essence, all of them will be handed over to you for safekeeping."

Once I can get rid of the hidden danger of King Yu Yi, I will be highly regarded by my father and king, and I will be the emperor in the future. "

Beigong Hou was removed...

The other princes responded: "Yes, we are not convinced. If this continues, the princes of the world will definitely be divorced from the Xian Dynasty!"

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Flying Immortal Gu and Jade Muscle Water Gu fell into Su Ran's hands.
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"You dare to scold me before entering the realm of the immortals?"
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"Two priests, how about breaking through to the fourth turn?" Bei Gonghen tried again.
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"That's right," Li Haihou also said, "Now that the Moon Banner's secluded array is set up, there is a better chance to capture the Realm Demon if the Saint Immortal makes a move."
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He is bold and reckless, lawless, does not play cards according to common sense, and has no scruples in his actions, but his behavior is like a good doctor who heals diseases, and he is curing diseases for the immortal dynasty.
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"It's not that Bei Gonghen who said I was an inner ghost and joined forces with outsiders to harm you and wanted to kill me!" Yue Nuer snorted angrily.
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Su Ran: "It's all cleaned up, everything has been moved out of the magic palace, and all traces have been removed."
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