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His path was originally occupied by many ferocious beasts, but it was only cleared by a few people yesterday. .

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Really, it hurts! ...

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Most of Su Ran knew about the matter of Gu Yuan, but it was not detailed enough.

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The man has a hooked nose, and his skin is white as snow, very handsome, he is the five village master of Longshan Village, first rank Gu master, Xiao Yong.

"I didn't find any clues either." Liu Changwu replied depressedly, he really had no clue at all.

Su Ran carefully put away the secret stone fragments.

In the state of heavy qi, the fist strength is thirty-two tigers; because of the ten-time strengthening of the arm qi, the fist strength of the arms reaches four tigers, so the boxing strength in the normal state is strengthened by the ten-time strengthening of the muscles, bones, skin and flesh, and the total is twenty tigers. .

Su Ran, who had just walked not far, heard the sound of horses' hoofs behind him, and quickly hid in the bushes aside, watching the horse team gallop past him with cold eyes.

Hua Yan took Zi Gu's body, looked it over carefully, and whispered: "It's the charm star in the mother-child seven-star Gu, the last time the charm star was born was six years ago, it killed a student of my Gu academy, no I think I hurt Qu'er again this time."

Zhou Fu was awkward in place.

The hand holding the secret stone fragment trembled slightly.

He has just used a few powerful attack Gu worms, but the attack cannot break through the defense...

If he ran to the wild at the speed of his escape, Su Ran might not be able to catch up with the opponent, but the opponent still got back into the wolf's blood. .

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As for whether there is a connection between the mysterious Gu insect and the wild disaster in Longshan Village, there is no clue yet. .

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