what's the mortgage on a $500 000 house
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【finance loan personal secured 】 Xian Chaozu will not always protect him as a prince, and he will leave sooner or later. 。

In every mountain of immortality, there are many masters who live in a lot of terror. They protect the mountain of immortality, and they will also fight and kill each other in the mountain.

Su Ran faintly felt that he had guessed it!

With the Seventh Prince's Immortal Body, he had already replaced it with the Shafeng Body, but the Seventh Prince himself didn't notice it at all.

"You, it's actually lucky that you slipped out. If you didn't slip out, you might have died too."

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"During the trip to Wangcheng, does King Yuyi want to harm Benhou? Don't tell lies. Benhou has a Gu worm who can tell the truth from the false. If you lie a word, you will die." Su Ran asked again.
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A dark secret room.
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Seven and a half steps of detachment, the strength may not be as good as the main devil and Gu, but they are at the same level as the main devil and Gu, and they are also one of the four strongest people on the face of the Bold Mountain.
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"What is Su Hou looking for? Is that Ouyang Qi and Yue Nuer? I stayed in Wangcheng for several days, and Ouyang Qi was killed by me, and Yue Nuer was also in my hands. Su Hou followed me back to Yuyi Wangcheng, I will return Yue Nuer to Marquis Su." Yu Hongyi laughed.
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Su Ran said indifferently: "Outside, in order to save Nan Shanhou's face, I didn't speak bluntly. Ming people don't speak dark words. Nan Shanhou is right. I am robbery!"
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"Why are you looking for me?" Su Ran was too lazy to be polite.
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Relying on the essence of Gu sent by the princes of all parties, Su Ran's strength will skyrocket, but this is not of much use.
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The wind is weak, originally it didn't consume much of the extreme domain force, but the wind is strong, the two sides are neutralized, and the consumption of the extreme domain force does not decrease at all.
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