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The bosses, whether they participated in the gambling or not, were stunned when they saw Chu Shaoyan walking to the gambling table! Except for Chu Shaoyan, everyone present knew that the gambling table was specially reserved for the Sanlianhui! Every club meeting, the Sanlian Association will bet with the Bamboo Association, and the bet is very special, not money or chips, but a piece of land! To be precise, it is the jurisdiction of a territory! ... best credit union for business loans

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He who was fierce one moment, softened into a soft-footed shrimp the next moment, endured the pain and said with a smile: "My wife... hey... don't be angry! I didn't hang up on your phone on purpose, just now... um , just now I accidentally pressed the wrong button and hung up. You know I have a big face, and when I get excited, I can easily scratch the button when I smile. Yes, yes, yes... Oops, baby, don’t be angry, can’t I be wrong? .

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Jiang Li's door was unlocked, Huang Mao pushed the door open and entered, just as he was about to say something, he saw a big hand stretched out, and then... ...

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Hearing Lin Zixin's firm tone, Chu Shaoyan's heart trembled slightly. It has to be said that at this moment, Chu Shaoyan was moved by Lin Zixin's filial piety. Today, with the increasing material level, many people do it for their own benefit, regardless of the parents who raised them.

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Hearing Toyotomi Maaya's words, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but smiled wryly and said, "You are always so smart, it seems that every time you do something, you will plan carefully."

Among them, Jiang Li also saw Huang Fei's information, and there was a note behind it, and was captured alive by the guardian.

Hei Lian said indifferently: "I think the prison is also good. If you are not used to staying there, you can just type it out and it will be over? The point is, there is no good person in it. If you kill it, you will kill it, right?"

"Who?" The policeman didn't pay attention to Chu Shaoyan before, but now he heard what Chu Shaoyan said, and asked subconsciously, and then he recognized Chu Shaoyan, and couldn't help saying: "Chu Shaoyan, Chu Shaoyan gentlemen?"

Still black!

"It should be the ghost of Tianda Group." Tang Hu said seriously: "Through investigation, it was found that an employee of the following company resigned yesterday, and that employee used to be an employee of a construction company of Tianda Group. And from Gu Bing I learned from my mouth that the employee was responsible for checking the quality of steel bars, which means that his mistake caused the accident. And I found out from the guy's phone list that the leader of the company he used to work for within a month I called him before, and then he left the construction company of Tianda Group to work in our company."

"Ye Jinlong, don't use the so-called spirit of Ah Q to comfort yourself, it's useless! You lose now, you lose everything! You even have to pay a special price for your stupid behavior!" Chu Shaoyan looked at Ye Jinlong and said calmly.

"Why are you here?" Guan Nuoxue asked excitedly.

After Zhuo Lei got the nightgown and got up and put it on, he was relieved when he saw this scene, and the scene where the women lowered their heads and played with their mobile phones, and no one took pictures.

"Yeah! You really think of us as horse boys! What kind of friends are more airy than our branch masters, let you go to greet them? Couldn't they be those foreigners next to you?" The guy holding the cigarette butts spoke , tapped the pipe again, and the ash fell directly on the table in the meeting room! .

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They won't be arrogant and think that they are more important than Ka Suo in Chu Shaoyan's heart. At this moment, cold sweat seeps out from the foreheads of Lao Jin and the big man with the square face! Their faces were extremely pale, and their bodies couldn't help shaking! .

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