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Jiang Li rolled his eyes, his face was wrinkled and his beard was full of hairy bumps, he was not in his seventies but in his fifties or sixties? If his grandma was still alive, she would be a hundred years old without **, and she was still pregnant. Wouldn't it be foolish to lie? ... loan is secured by a deed of trust

test. what is the mortgage interest rate this week After thinking for a while, Changsun Bao said: "I didn't do anything, I ate and slept thinking about making money... Oh, by the way, I also learned the method of breathing and breathing from an old Taoist priest for a few days. I have persisted in this for ten years. how many years." ….

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Hearing someone open the door, the penguin that was lying there jumped up and looked at the door vigilantly. After seeing Jiang Li, this guy changed his face like a Sichuan opera, and immediately changed from cautious and shrewd to cute and cute He even called out to Jiang Li twice. .

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Jiang Li opened his mouth, Wu Yangqing said: "Okay, don't listen to his nonsense. In short, be yourself, don't care what others say... I believe that the higher-ups will try their best to rectify your name." ...

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Du Xiaoling smiled and said, "Master Heilian, are you having a good time?"

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Everyone laughed when they heard the words. In front of such a powerful force, any enemy attack seemed ridiculous.

Daha grinned, rolled his eyes and said, "I... am I worried about you?"

Jiang Li said: "Okay, the evidence is gone, you guys should rest too."


As for the appearance of the dandelion, Jiang Li was not surprised. After all, that guy was a ghost, and it was impossible for him to ignore such a big matter as Liu Xiu's tomb.

"The sword god of Dongdu, the guardian of Dongdu is the third in the list. Wherever he goes, the sword energy rises, and no one dares to approach him within a radius of ten miles."

Jiang Li said enthusiastically: "Jing Ying? I haven't been a guest for a long time, when will you come? Uncle Te asked me to tell you something, this time he got a longer, thicker, bigger baby... "

All of a sudden, there were thirteen demigod-level demon corpses exuding mysterious halos lying on the seashore!

The god said: "The Xinyang Bullet has drawn too much power from Albert, so he can't beat Jiang Li now, but as long as he is given time, he can still recover... What's more, once the Xinyang Bullet falls , Jiang Li must die! That is a peerless weapon!"

Jiang Li spread his hands and said, "You heard me right, what's wrong? Don't you believe me?" .

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Lao Hua said: "Last time you killed Jing Long, although we didn't get all the relevant information, we still found some historical materials that are still under study in the archives of some other cities of the Union Defense Force. .

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