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【online loan company scams 】 "Ah!? Well, Master Chu, of course you are not in the world... Uh, no, in the world, I mean the enemy, the scope does not include your old man! Hehe, hehe!" Jin Shangbang laughed awkwardly while breaking out in cold sweat . 。

Because Ye Ruoxi didn't eat, and because she vomited a while ago, her body strength has already been exhausted. At this time, her face was pale, her eyes were dim, and her lips were pale. Hearing Chu Shaoyan's question, she reluctantly shook her head and said in a weak voice, "Brother Shaoyan, I'm fine."

The presidents of Huading, Huali Group, Rockwell Group, Yani Group, Joshua Group, Lido Group, Media Asia Group, and Crown Corporation, and numerous business giants attended the wedding scene; Principals, academic tycoons, popular stars in the entertainment industry, and Internet stars also came here one by one.

Chu Shaoyan nodded slightly to them, then walked in. At this time, there were more than a dozen people sitting in the hall. When Chu Shaoyan entered the door, these people were discussing something intensely, with a loud voice. There was even a guy who stood up excitedly, blushing and shouting: "fuck! Our Sanlian is peeing on our heads now, if we can bear it any longer, how can our Sanlian Association gain a foothold here in Ryukyu Mansion in the future?" ?”

"Brother Chu, I want to do something with you." Abao said seriously: "You can apply to President Ye and take me back to Treasure Island after the business here is over?" Chu Shaoyan.

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Hu Wei was taken aback and said, "Commissioner Jiang, what's the matter?"
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"Woo—" Tang Wanruo, who was still charming, sobbed, fell on her arm and fell silent.
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"Very well, I'll meet the enemy nearby, and I won't leave you fifty meters away, do you hear me?" Chu Shaoyan asked.
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While Ye Jinlong was surprised, another Ye Jinlong beside Ye Jinlong said in a voiceless voice: "Young Master Ye, he is Mr. Chu!"
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Chu Shaoyan nodded, watched Ye Tianhe leave, and then Liu Yongshui came in to help Chu Shaoyan infuse the medicine. Chu Shaoyan's body hadn't recovered yet, and he fell asleep in a daze after getting the needle; but when he woke up, he saw two beautiful and familiar faces.
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This is a suite with a living room, and the inside is quite tidy, and the quilt on the big bed is also neatly folded, but there is no one inside. Chu Shaoyan walked over and even opened the door of the small balcony to have a look.
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While Jiang Langtao was yelling, the scene in the clubhouse became extremely chaotic. The crowd who had been watching the excitement all screamed and ran outside after seeing Jiang Langtao's men showing the murder weapon. Chu Shaoyan, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation and grabbed a rigid chair, staring at the remaining Jiang Langtao's subordinates with a fearless face.
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After just finishing talking about business, Chu Shaoyan looked at her with great interest, she had a straight face, indifferent and reserved, arrogant and disdainful. Obviously, the setback just now made this young lady's personality emerge, and the thorns on her body stood up.
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