Smart IR Remote Control

Item Code : ACSTEDB001

Too many Remotes for each & every device at home has made life complicated. It requires a lot of unnecessary effort in finding the right remote for each device/appliance.

Simple tasks like switching to your favourite TV channel, operating the AC & much more need a simple unified solution which provides convenience & comfort to the user.

Presenting the SMART Universal WiFi Remote Controller (Smart IR Remote) that helps you to control all your IR remote controlled appliances in one room using a single controller through Mobile App & Voice Commands. It can control all your remote controlled devices such as TV, AC, Set top boxes, Air coolers & more in one room. It has inbuilt remotes for most Indian brands of appliances.

With the built in Voice control you can switch on/off Home theatre, change TV channels on set top boxes, change temperature of Air conditioners etc. by just giving simple voice commands.
One App. One Device. Multiple Appliances.

Made in India