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Crabtree is a popular brand in home automation products and switchgear in India. Crabtree has introduced the new XPRO series of switchgear with neatly designed Distribution Boards with suitable Busbars for different ratings. XPRO Classique range of DBs are tested for high performance with a conditional short circuit rating of 5 kA in SPN Distribution Boards and 10 kA in TPN Distribution Boards in accordance with IEC/BSEN 60439-3, IS 13032 and IS 8623 respectively.

The new XPRO Classique range of MCB distribution boards is aesthetically designed to blend well with your interior d├ęcor. Crabtree distribution boards are based on a 3-Piece Concept for ease of maintenance, in which only the intermediate plate needs to be removed to get the maintenance work done instead of removing door assembly (Inner & Outer) which may spoil the alignment & associated plastering / paint work. XPRO Classique range of DBs has ample knockouts in the top, bottom and sides for ease of wiring. The TPN and SPN DBs are suitable for both surface as well as flush mounting.

The Classique DBs feature single door, double door, steel sheet, phosphatised, powder coated with busbar, neutral link, earth bar and din rail. They are also available in 8 segment options. The Distribution boards by XPRO are suitable for domestic, industrial as well as commercial use. Crabtree DBs come with the feature of phase segregation, and separation between incomer and outgoings. So, whether you’re buying an SPN, TPN, single door, double door or one with segment distribution board, be sure to get the best quality from XPRO Classique.