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Crabtree, a prominent brand in home automation devices and switchgear, introduces the new XPRO Power series of Distribution Boards with enhanced safety, made in accordance with the International standards. The XPRO Power series distribution boards boast of many feature benefits, such as, conditional short circuit rating of 15 kA in SPN DB and 25 kA in TPN DB in accordance with IS 13032, BS EN 60439-3, shrouding on all phase/ neutral terminals together with physically isolable neutral link, clean earth kit for electronic/ IT installations, ample space for wiring and proper distribution of neutral & earth wire.

The XPRO Power series of distribution boards by Crabtree are neatly designed to discreetly blend in with both industrial and commercial premises. TPN Distribution Boards have generous wiring space of 25 mm for ease of installation. There is also a provision of Clean Earth (High Integrity Earthing) kit for electronic (IT) installations in TPN Distribution Board. There is an option of removable main busbar/ Pan Assembly in both SPN and TPN Distribution Board to aid installation. TPN Distribution Boards also feature physically isolable neutral link to carry out insulation test.

The range of XPRO Power series of distribution boards include DB TPN MCB 12 WAY, PER Phase Isolation (PPI) Vertical 4 tier 2+4 WAY, Distribution Board TPN Isolator 12 WAY, DB SPN 16 WAY, FP Vertical (with MCCB as Incomer) 4 WAY, Distribution Board TPN MCB 8 WAY, DB SPN 8 WAY, DB TPN Isolator 8 WAY, FP Vertical (with MCCB as Incomer) 12WAY, Per Phase Isolation (PPI) vertical 4 tier 2+8 WAY, Per Phase Isolation (PPI) vertical 4 tier 2+6WAY, and Distribution Board TPN MCB 4 WAY.