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Crabtree is the leading brand in home automation products and switchgear. It has launched the XPRO series of switchgear which offers aesthetically designed Distribution Boards, under different collections. Here we are talking about XPRO Classique Plus range of DBs which are rigorously tested for their high performance in accordance to IEC/BSEN 60439-3, IS:13032 and IS:8623. The Classique Plus range by Crabtree XPRO offers Automatic Phase Selector DBs, Manual Phase Selector DBs, and Timer Distribution Boards along with MCB Enclosures in Plastic & Steel, Plug & Socket Boards, and XPRO Plug & Sockets Spare Parts.

The all new XPRO Classique Plus range of distribution boards is neatly designed to blend well with the latest interior trends. Crabtree distribution boards are founded on a 3-Piece Concept for easy maintenance, whrerein only the intermediate plate needs to be removed to get the maintenance work done rather than removing door assembly (Inner & Outer) which may ruin the alignment and related plastering & paint work. The unique collection of Timer Distribution Boards is specifically made for energy saving at places where the work is time-based like ATMs, lobbies, backrooms, etc.

Apart from distribution boards, XPRO range of MCB enclosures, Spare Plugs & Sockets, and Plug & Socket Boards boasts of high quality and is made with advanced technology to stand the test of time. Crabtree is a synonymous to quality products. So, be it a Timer Distribution Board, MCB Enclosure, Spare Plug & Socket, or Plug & Socket Board, remain assured that you will get the switchgear of advanced technology by XPRO Classique Plus.