Crabtree is among the major brands that offer premium quality of switches in India. Its most modern switches are ideal for spaces with lavish interiors. Crabtree has a variety of switches under different collections. Thames is a simple yet elegant range of neatly designed switches by Crabtree. This range features one way switches, two way switches, one way with indicator switches, bell push switches, and DP switches with indicators.

Whether it’s a one way/two way switch, or switches with indicators, be sure that their quality will justify their cost. Some of the features which make Thames Switches the best buy switches in the market are

• Thames Switches are painstakingly crafted out of flame retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, which guarantees no discoloration during their lifespan.

• Be it an indicator switch, a 1 way switch, or a DP bell switch, all the modern switches are neatly designed so that they get fit in robust designed assembly plates to fit snugly on the wall.

• Thames Switches come with the assurance of ISI mark, and at a just right cost.

• All these switches come in pure white color with a dust free glossy finish.

• Regardless of whether you’re buying a bell push switch, 1 way switch, or a DP switch with indicator, Thames switches ensure error-free operation during their lifetime as they have been tested for more than 100000 operations.

Buy the modular set of switches by Crabtree Thames, and experience the best of switch solutions for modern spaces.