Want to buy modern switches for your newly owned space? Great! You’ve reached the right destination where all your switch requirements will get resolved. Crabtree, one of the renowned brands for switches in India, offers a wide range of the premium switches that go well with the modern interior trends. Athena modular range is one of its collections, featuring a variety of switches, sockets, switch cover plates, support modules and communication modules. Its switch range has one way switches, two way switches, 1 way with indicator switches, mega bell push switches, and DP switches with indicators.

However, be sure that you’ll get the best quality no matter you’re buying a 1 way switch, or a DP switch with indicator. Given are some features that make Athena modular switches one of the best buy switches in the market.

• Athena range of modular switches is manufactured from fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, which ensures no loss of color during their lifespan.

• Made in accordance with IS 3854-1997, Athena switches are available in pure white color with a dust-free glossy finish.

• Whether it’s a 1 way switch with indicator, mega bell push switch or a DP bell switch, all the switches have GF nylon 66 plungers which provide high mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties to enhance switch life.

• Athena switches feature silver cadmium oxide (AgCdo) contacts which provide high conductivity and anti-weld properties.

• These switches feature extruded brass terminals, which provide high conductivity and prevent heating.

Buy 1 way switches, two way switches, DP switch with indicators, and other switches by Athena modular range, and experience the great switch solutions by Crabtree!