Crabtree is a brand name that is synonymous to the finest range of switches and switch accessories in India. It has a wide range of switches; Athena modular range is one of its collections with a choice of neatly designed switches, switch cover frames, communication modules, and support modules. Talking specifically about its support module, Athena modular range has high-quality dimmers, indicator lamps, dummy plates, LED footlights, fan regulators, power units, 3-pin plugs and much more.

Indicator Lamp - Made from fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material; Indicator Lamp by Athena modular range comes in pure white color with a dust free glossy finish.

Dimmer - Athena Dimmers are made from polycarbonate material and neatly designed to fit well in the assembly plates. These high-efficient dimmers consume less power, and have been tested for 10,000 operating cycles.

Fan Regulator – Athena has a number of highly-efficient fan regulators, like 5-step high speed fan regulators, 4-step fan regulator, and 4-step energy saving fan regulator.

Blank Plate - Athena Dummy Plates are made from fire retardant, UV protected polycarbonate material.

Footlight - Athena 4 M LED footlight is low on power consumption and lends 5 W soft white glow lumen output.

Motor Starter Switch - Tested for their high endurance and with the voltage rating of 240 V, these motor starter switches are available in the options of 20 A, 25 A and 32 A respectively.

Mini MCBs – Athena offers a range of Mini MCBs available in 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 25 A and 32 A rating.

Apart from the above-mentioned support modules, Athena offers the best of power units, footlights, 3 pin plugs, and other hospitality range of switch modules. Buy the support module from Athena and experience the high quality of power units, motor starter switches, 3-pin plugs and more switches from Crabtree.