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Crabtree, a prominent name in the market of switches, has the best range of switch solutions to meet the modern user requirements. The brand features a number of switch ranges, which cover switches from the most basic range to the most luxurious range. Athena is one such range of simple yet elegant switches by Crabtree. It has one of the best buy varieties of neatly designed switches, universal sockets and switch cover plates.

When we talk about shuttered sockets, Athena has smartly designed its sockets with professional assistance to fit well in assembly plates which fit snugly on the wall. With a dust free glossy finish, the sockets are misty grey in color. Buy Athena universal sockets that are build in accordance with IS - 1293 - 1988 (ISI Marked - 6A 3Pin and 6/16A Socket only) for enhanced mechanical strength and self lubricating properties.

Crafted out of flame retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, Athena universal sockets come with an assurance of no discoloration during their lifetime. If you’re curious about how Athena shuttered socket deals with a high withdrawal pull, be at ease provided that its flexible brass connector is shrouded in engineering plastic cage to ensure a better contact grip.

Crabtree Athena shuttered sockets are made in the range of 6 to 25 amperes, with operating voltage upto 240V. For safety purposes, the contact pins of these sockets have a shutter. Athena universal sockets are tested for 10,000 electrical operating cycles, to guarantee their high endurance. Taking into consideration all the modern and technical features, these sockets are the best buy for one and all.