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In case you’re looking to buy swanky switch modules that complement your space’s interiors, you have landed at the just right page. Crabtree is a renowned brand for switches in India that manufactures high quality switchgear in compliance with the best of industry standards. Athena is a colorful range of modern switches, switch cover plates and support modules by Crabtree.

If we talk about the chic switch cover frames, Athena offers a variety of them in two smart colors – Misty Grey and Misty Silver. These switch cover plates are crafted out of UV stabilized polycarbonate material which ensures no change of color during their lifespan. They get fitted in robust designed assembly plates which fit snugly on the wall. Athena cover plates, combined with inner and outer plate, neatly cover the assembly and get easily fit in the wall.

Athena Switch Cover Plates are available in a number of module options to meet your electrical application requirements. Together with a dust free glossy finish, Switch cover frames by Athena come in color choices of Misty Grey and Misty Silver. Besides all the above features, these switch plates have self-extinguishing properties too, and have gone through 850 degree glow wire test.

Flexibility to change these plates is another good point which makes them the best buy among modern users. Unlike the traditional switch frames, Athena switch cover plates can be changed with newer ones, or the ones that match your newly done interiors, without changing the whole switch set. So, without any delay, dress up your walls with Crabtree’s Athena color range of elegant switch plates and let your guests be mesmerized with its charm!