Triple communication interfaces

With 1 MOSFET dimming channel, and 2 Triac dimming channels, users are able to dimming, and switching, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


Crabtree- BUS


Dual Working Modes

With two working modes the gateway is suitable for any automation solution. the first mode is the mesh network mode; this mode enables all the wireless devices active on the network to connect to each other. The mesh also supports wired system integration through the RJ45 and Crabtree Buspro ports.

The second mode is bridge mode; the function of this mode is to act as a transmission bridge. This enables multiple gateways and their associated wired devices wired devices to communicated with each other wirelessly. The scope of the system can be further extended via RF.

Mesh Network working mode

Mesh Network working mode

Bridge working mode

Bridge working mode

Wireless Gateway Module