Explore a range of sensors that make living in your homes an interesting thing to do. Choose from outdoor sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, ceiling mount PIR sensors and much more to automate your lives.

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Customizable Panels

For a house to be a home, a person should give it a touch of their own personality. The Crabtree range of panels can be customized as the users want to. A pen or a pencil is all that is needed.

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Wireless Module

As a wireless gateway module the MCIP-RF02.10 can support RJ45, Crabtree-Buspro, and RF, and create a meshed network using standard IEEE 802.15.4. The frequency can then be selected from between 768, 868, and 900 MHz. the module is also able to create the FR scope.

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Video Door Phone

Crabtree VDP products are designed and developed to the highest quality standards for individual residential complex , multi apartments and group housing Societies. With the VDP Solution, families can rest assured their homes and loved ones are well-protected when they need it most.

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automation products

If you wish to buy the best quality home automation products, your search ends here. Crabtree, a leading brand for home automation control system and devices, offers a wide range of sensors (including outdoor sensors, air quality sensors and more), customized panels, wireless modules, video door phones (VDP) and other VDP products for enhanced protection of your homes and your loved ones.


When we talk about home automation devices, the first product that gets the attention is sensors. Crabtree offers a variety of sensors which help you to live effortlessly, making things simpler. Some of the major sensors are outdoor sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, and ceiling mount PIR sensors.

Customizable Panels

Every home has got a personal touch. And Crabtree helps you to provide that personal feel with its range of customizable panels. The collection comprises of DLP series panels, Enviro panels, Isense series panels, Ielegance series, and Ifelx series, together with an option of customizing them as per your requirements.

Wireless Modules

Crabtree also offers a number of wireless modules which can be used for dimming lights, switching on/off lights, internet connectivity and many other applications. It’s imperative to say that wireless module systems are definitely a major assistance in automating home electronic systems.

Video Door Phones

Crabtree VDP products are conceptualized and manufactured considering the highest quality standards to meet the requirements of individual homes, multi-storey apartments and group housing societies. Video Door Phones and the VDP products together ensure that your family and home are well-protected.

Get the home automation devices by Crabtree installed and experience the difference!