Premium Homes Deserve Premium Range of Electrical Switches

Premium Homes Deserve Premium Range of Electrical Switches

Conceptualizing your dream home is different than bringing that into being. When you actually make and furnish your house, you have to employ things which serve the functionality and add to the aesthetics. Of course, you want your abode to look beautiful and you bear all the pains to make sure that it is just like the one you conceptualized. While doing up your inviting space, do take care of the electrical fixtures and fittings which might not have invited your attention yet. Along with other components, you must consider the electrical switches and sockets to ensure a seamless transition between electrical systems and interior elements.

Crabtree, a renowned brand for automation devices, offers an avant-garde range of electrical switches called Amare. The Amare features an aesthetic collection of switches, sockets and switch covers truly inspired by the elements of nature. For the ultra-modern homes, this is the perfect range which is dominated by fantastic designing, sleek looks and premium finish. Moreover, instilled with state-of-the-art technology, the Amare range of modular switches is dust-proof and ensures ease of installation, without scarring your walls.

Crafted from fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, the Amare range of switches have soft switching mechanism for better experience, silver cadmium contacts for longer life, captive screws for fast loading and removal, and self-lubricating plunger for better durability and mechanical life. Whatever your need be, the Amare has all sorts of switches like one-way, two-way, 1-way with indicator, mega bell, dimmers, fan regulators, sockets, etc, to meet your requirements. Apart from them, it comprises the complete range of support modules, communication modules and hospitality modules as well.

Add the touch of nature to your home with wonderfully crafted wooden, glass and metal switch plates which blend flawlessly with your elegantly designed décor. Available in different colors and finishes to match your interiors, all these cover frames are scratch resistant to keep you at ease. While favoring the stunning looks and design, the Amare haven’t compromised on the safety. The wraparound design of its modular switches and sockets makes them safe and secure. The usage of fire retardant material in the making ensures minimum accidental damage. All the sockets and jacks are shuttered with no exposed parts to ensure maximum protection.

So, actually you have got all the requisites checked, you’re getting meticulously crafted switches with excellent designing and world-class features through Amare. Without pondering further, get these beautiful switches and switch-plates from Amare to enhance your interiors and experience the seamless transition. Topped with the most amazing looks, the Amare range complies with the industry standards to ensure protection and performance. Infuse your space with the elements of nature in the most interesting way and let the beholders stand still in awe!

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Premium Homes Deserve Premium Range of Electrical Switches


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