Let the Nature Rule Your Space!

Let the Nature Rule Your Space!
In the world full of superficial and synthetics, anything natural speaks for itself. Probably, that’s the reason “organic” businesses are thriving these days. Not just fruits and vegetables, people are also making a conscious choice of opting raw fabrics with natural dyes for their clothing. You would agree on the fact that natural is always beautiful, whether it’s about aesthetics or health benefits. Anything inspired by nature gives a feeling of health, strength and groundedness, making it closer to your heart. Likewise, Amare – a premium range of modular switches by Crabtree – can ceaselessly add the elements of nature in your abode.

The Amare range of electrical switches and cover frames is truly fascinating with its ultra-modern designing, premium looks amalgamated with futuristic technology to convey sheer pleasurable experience. The range covers all types of switches, including all types of sockets, support modules (like dimmers, fan regulators, foot lights, etc), communication modules (telephone sockets, TV sockets, USB chargers, etc), and the hospitality range of modules. While its switches are crafted out of high-grade fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material, the cover frames by Amare are dominated by the elements of nature – glass, wood and metal.

Designed to match seamlessly with your modern decor, the switch cover plates by Amare are sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, these stylish cover frames are manufactured under the rigorous quality parameters, abiding by all the safety standards. Their remarkable design allows easy installation and removal of the switch plates, without disfiguring the wall. These masterfully crafted wooden, glass and metal switch plates – inspired by genuine elements of nature – can be a perfect accompaniment to the beautifully designed decor of your home. Read further to know about the Amare switch cover frames a little better.

Metal Switch Cover Plates
Available in the colour options of Brushed Amber, Lustrous Silver, and Eclipse Black, the Amare metal switch cover plates have been imparted special hardness to withstand scratches. These frames feature a minimalistic straight line structure for that elegant look. With plastic parts made in compliance with RoHS, all the metal plates have an insulated film inside to avoid electric shocks. In all colour options, the switch frames appear classy and can certainly add a class-apart look to your interiors.

Glass Switch Cover Plates
With its striking finish, the glass switch cover frames by Amare look super elegant yet stylish in their own manner. Available in the sober colour choice of Sombre Green, Glittery Sand, Snow White, and Dazzle Black, the glass switch plates has a multi-layer design which ensures better strength. These cover frames feature high-quality tampered glass for easy and safe handling. Their fantastic design allows fast installation and removal without any installation abuse.

Wood Switch Cover Plates
The Amare range is crafted to offer indulgence, that too, in a natural way. And, the wooden switch plates by Amare are a testimony to the extravagance. Available in finishes like Teak Wood and Natural Wood, the wood plates are carefully processed with anti-termite chemical, and coated with special material – Isolator – to withstand all weather conditions. These elegant wooden switch cover frames can instantly enhance the appeal of any room without doing much.

If nothing but proximity to the nature soothes your tired nerves, you can add the zest of nature’s elements in your cocoon by installing the Amare range of switches by Crabtree. And let your switches do the talking!

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